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Infusion Pump or Syringe Pump

23500 23000
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  • Categories : Medical Equipments

  • High-accuracy infusion control, compatible with most standard IV Sets.
  • Reminding of starting infusion, and residual time display.
  • Alarm threshold of air bubble and pressure can be adjusted, and alarm volume is also adjustable.
  • Accompanying IV-set clamp prevents liquid flowing freely if the pump door opens accidentally.
  • A.B.S--ANTI BOLUS system prevents a moment's high-dose injection from the sudden obstruction disappearing.
  • Automatic flow shut-off during alarms. (except for "NEAR END", "KVO", and "LOW BATTERY" alarms)
  • Compact aluminium enclosures and robust construction.
  • Chinese and English are optional.
  • USB port is convenient for technical personnel to update software.
  • The versatile bracket enables mounting the pump on infusion pole in many directions , which can save the space.
  • Suppliers can calibrate to the new IV set provided by user, and input parameters into infusion pump to ensure accuracy.






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